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Star Citizen Funny Cosplay

Star Citizen is an combine multiple video game. The space combat of Star Citizen utilizes a Newtonian physics model to create tactical choices for the player. This is an first-person shooter mechanics game which is published by Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen allow the player to do a much more immersive experience.

To be as an Star Citizen player. Made main Star Citizen character. The made of dress is fine and fantasy. But the funny thing is the background that is the bathroom. It’s little simple, but funny. And he takes photo of four sides. And the other character is cool especially the jacket.
cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-1020x1815-2 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-1020x1815-3 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-1020x1815-4 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-1020x1815-5 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-1020x1815-6 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-1020x1815-7 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-1000x634-8 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-730x1094-10 cosalbum-Star-Citizen-Funny-Cosplay-730x1094-9

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