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Revelation Online Spiritshaper Lovely Cosplay

Revelation Online is a large-scale 3D Oriental fantasy MMORPG game developed by Netease Pangu studio. The style of Revelation Online combines martial arts, fantasy, West magic and science fiction. There have beautiful or handsome characters. This time we introduces a lovely girl called Spiritshaper.

Spiritshaper as the piercing door people has the ability of psychic and healing to use the soul of the spiritual power of the projection to attack. Exhaustting the enemy’s blood in the long battle slowly. And she can use the power of plant treatment of life, for their own and teammates to increase a lot of viability.

Spiritshaper has many different skin in the game. Here are two chinese girls to play this lovely character.
cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-860x520-2 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-860x520-3 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-870x460-4 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-870x520-5 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-870x520-6 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-950x630-8 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-950x630-10 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-950x640-7 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-950x640-11 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-950x640-12 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Spiritshaper-lovely-cosplay-960x640-9

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