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Revelation Online Occultist Fantasy Cosplay

Revelation Online is developed by NetEase from China. This game uses self-study engine, cloud intelligence and other technology production. The developer cooperated with the writer Jiangnan create fantasy world. The game built a multi-ethnic civilization collision fantasy world, with the elements into the MMORPG combat mode, giving the player a unique gaming experience.

Occultist is an remote spell career with both light and dark form and the controller of the time, space and the soul. There is no good or evil in the eyes of Occultist, only for his own goals and responsibilities. Occultist who walks in the edge of life and death and monitore the soul sector and the balance of human energy, all the law of life and death, is the soul sector of the Queen.

The cosplayer is a handsome boy and give us the amazing picture of Occultist. This group of pictures is full of Chinese style.

cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Occultist-fantasy-cosplay-683x1024-7 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Occultist-fantasy-cosplay-960x570-5 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Occultist-fantasy-cosplay-960x590-1 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Occultist-fantasy-cosplay-960x640-2 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Occultist-fantasy-cosplay-960x640-3 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Occultist-fantasy-cosplay-960x640-4 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Occultist-fantasy-cosplay-960x1440-6

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