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Revelation Online Gunslinger 2 Untrue Cosplay

Gunslinger 2 is the character who is the gunpower user in Revelation Online. Her weapons can target both from close and long range. It means she can lay sophisticated traps that can disrupt enemy positions.

Gunslinger 2 is a hot role. Gunslinger do not attempt to break through the limits of physical capacity, but the use of technology and creativity to enhance their own. This cosplayer has a little face and lovely appearance, but it is sexy and beautiful. And the picture was processed made it a little untrue.

cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-655x1024-7 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-667x1024-6 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-677x1024-4 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-679x1024-8 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-683x1024-3 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-683x1024-5 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-688x1024-1 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-698x1024-2 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Gunslinger-2-Untrue-Cosplay-721x1024-9

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