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Revelation Online Blademaster Cosplay

Revelation Online mainly talks about Dragon Emperor Kai Ming who the loss of the most perfect partner alone and taking up the duty of guarding the clouds hanging down, mankind in their own strength, continuous progress.

Blademaster can be see as the light edge of the traditional MMO in the berserker, but this character is different from the traditional Berserker career set. He holds the same as the assassin-like quick and explosive ability, and wielding the sword of the blade It is a fearless warrior, with a powerful control and parry ability.

Here we provide the Revelation Online Cosplay – Blademaster. There are a boy and a girl play the same role. We can feel undisciplined and free style.

cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-female-cosplay-600x884-1 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-female-cosplay-1000x667-2 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-man-cosplay-600x884-3 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-man-cosplay-600x900-6 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-man-cosplay-600x900-7 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-man-cosplay-600x937-4 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-man-cosplay-1000x667-5 cosalbum-Revelation-Online-Blademaster-man-female-cosplay-1000x667-8

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