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Path of Exile: Tinkerskin & Chain reaction

Like other great Arpg, Poe has many combinations. A reasonable combination will bring excellent results. Players often pay attention to this aspect. In contrast, the wrong combination will destroy the player’s game experience. Some players found that tinkerskin + chain reaction are counterproductive.
There using chain reaction as a sab, only the first traps you throw (so like 4 with cluster trap support) will be “triggered by enemies” and the rest will be part of the chain reaction. meaning ill only get 400 hp.

Enemy trigger takes priority over chain reaction, as long as you throw it on top of the enemy, you’ll get the tinkerskin heal. Chain reaction is good for nuking bosses and making sure your traps are never wasted. Getting chain reaction does not prevent you from reaping the benefits from tinkerskin, so long as you have sufficient trap trigger radius.

If you’re rapidly throwing traps, you’ll still get the tinkerskin heal from each set of traps even with chain reaction. The first set of traps will not trigger the second set of traps thrown in quick succession under normal circumstances unless you have too much throwing speed.

Tinkerskin reads “When enemies trigger your traps” just like the passives that provide frenzy and power charges on the tree. When Chain Reaction passive is enabled, it will take precedence over regular trap triggers, provided the traps are within Chain Reaction range (which is pretty big).

This means the result is one chance for a charge, 100 life, and 50 ES is gain from a throw, despite it being supported by Cluster Traps.

The one thing that doesn’t care about the above is the Pyromaniac passive. That will trigger regardless of how your traps go off, be it by enemies, expiration (Sunblast) or Chain Reaction.

maxresdefault (6)

For the reason above, I would strongly suggest any Saboteur trapper builds out there to go down the road of Explosive Expert instead, boasting slightly higher damage than Chain Reaction anyway, and putting focus on “Trap Trigger AOE” increases in the tree. If you have these nodes all enabled, it nets you 170% increased trap trigger AOE, which takes the 10 base radius up to 16, quite a boost. For a jewel slot, Hair Trigger specifically, you can increase that to at least 210% increased trigger AOE (that’s the threshold for another +1 radius) to get it to 18 radius total.

Believe me, with that radius on traps, they will all trigger unless you literally throw them backward, like my friend at the bowling alley. As a bonus, you get slightly higher damage and you will also get 100 life, 50 ES and the charges per trap ALWAYS, instead of per throw at best. (at best because you may throw multiple times before first goes off with enough throw speed, result would be even ‘worse’ for Tinkerskin)

If you’re really paranoid about those traps not triggering without Chain Reaction and you really want it anyway, or if you don’t want to invest all those points in trigger radius:

a.I suggest you pick up the new Slavedriver gloves and use a Belly of the Beast instead. This gives Blood Magic to your traps, so you won’t ever have mana issues, much like Tinkerskin, can use MoM safely and you get much more total life to boot. The life you spend for throwing traps is more than easily covered by your massive regen you get for, you guessed it, throwing traps anyway.

b.You could even go a step further, find a good staff instead of wands/daggers, 6L that to put your main trap in, and run Kaom’s Heart for massive life boost. Max life is good on Sabo with 20% regen up 24/7 and shadow is life starved. Kaom’s covers a giant flaw. Food for thought. 🙂

A common misconception is that increases to area of effect also apply to trigger radius, it does not. Trigger radius doesn’t actually have a generic “AOE” tag and is therefore separate from all other increased AOE sources.

The complex and varied system is the charm of PoE. Players can find their own fun whether they are exploring in the game, acquiring equipment or poe currency.

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