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Minecraft Creative Cosplay

Minecraft is a sandbox video game and creative for game. There are multiple gameplay modes available including survival mode, creative mode and so on. And Minecraft received praise from critics upon release, and won numerous awards and accolades.

These were pictures we posted of several different kinds of fans they had at the convention last year. If you’d like pictures of our costumes (with Israphel replacing the creeper) without any other people in the photos, there are a few that they took this year that you can find under the “cosplay” section of my gallery.

The human of Minecraft are most simply and painting by hand. You need using box to create a complete human. Enjoy it!

cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-720x439-10 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-774x1032-2 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-774x1032-3 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-800x531-4 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-800x531-5 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-800x531-6 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-800x531-7 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-800x531-8 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-800x531-9 cosalbum-Minecraft-Creative-Cosplay-900x675-1

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