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League of Legends – Ashe Sexy Cosplay

Ashe is a arrow of League of Legends. With each arrow she fires from her ancient ice-enchanted bow, Ashe proves she is a master archer. She chooses each target carefully, waits for the right moment, and then strikes with power and precision.

She is gorgeous. Good job on making the cosplay and wonderful job on the face make up. This beautiful and sexy girl. A cosplayer from Anissa, and almost everything about this League of Legends is 100%, from the clothes to the arrow to (a lot of people get this wrong!) a proper Ashe on her shoulder.
cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-600x901-11 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-602x900-8 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-639x960-9 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-728x1096-7 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-730x1095-3 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-730x1095-4 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-730x1095-5 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-730x1095-10 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-1024x683-2 cosalbum-League-of-Legends-Ashe-Sexy-Cosplay-1095x730-1

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