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Earn Warmane Gold’s Alchemy Guide

Alchemy is one of Warmane’s professions – it requires materials produced by another profession, usually Herbalism. Alchemists turn various reagents (mostly Herbs) into powerful consumables that fall under one of the three categories:


* Elixirs – they provide fairly powerful and versatile buffs over a long period of time, but their effects are lost if the player dies. Each player can have up to two elixirs active – one Guardian and one Battle Elixir. Common elixir effects are the ones that increase a player’s secondary ratings – crit, mastery, etc.
* Flasks – these provide relatively basic, but vital buffs over a very long period of time. Flasks’ effects also persist through death, but only one can be active at any given time. Flasks increase primary stats – strength, agility, intellect, spirit, or stamina.
* Potions – Often overlooked, potions provide an instantaneous or “bursty” buff. Because of their concentrated power, potions are limited to one per combat. Common effects include a massive burst in a primary stat or an instantaneous replenishment of some health or mana. There are also some vanity potions as well.

Alchemy is not all about battle-readiness and helping your allies with their professions though – it can be fun and games too. Skilled and lucky alchemists who have decided to study Archaeology as well can craft a Vial of the Sands, which teaches its user the exotic Sandstone Drake mount. Potion of Treasure Finding can bring a little bit of extra income, and Deepstone Oil can, well… cause stiffness. Get you stoned. Literally. New to Warlords, alchemists can now make the costume-Esque: Transmorphic Tincture.

Alchemy Guide 
In Legion, professions have detailed questlines and players can destroy unwanted crafted items at the Obliterum Forge to create Obliterum, which upgrades the level of crafted gear. New Alchemy content includes:
* Alchemy has a new round of Flasks, Combat Potions, Utility Potions, and Transmutes.
Some potions have interesting effects: Sylvan Elixir, Avalanche Elixir, Skystep Potion, Potion of Deadly Grace
The Spirit Cauldron is BoA and will create an appropriate flask for players in the raid.
There is a new batch of Alchemy transmutes, letting players transform their reagents. The one with the funniest name is Transmute Meat to Pants. You can also Transmute Meat to Pet to get a Pulsating Sac (likely Transmutant).
Updated Alchemy Trinket: Infernal Alchemist Stone

The first thing you should do when u raise your Alchemy to 450 is to go to visit Alchemist Gribble in Honor hold and take the quest Master of transmutation. Then you should get 4 Primal Mights, you can get the mats for it and make them, or you can buy it from ah(I suggest to farm the mats it takes only 30 mins ). Then you should go to Zarevhi in Netherstorm to turn in the quest, and then he will give you the quest where u need to get him 4 primal might. Turn in that and you will become Transmutation master. This is a great money maker since u can now get better results when transmuting gems, Saronite bars, or making meta.

How to make gold with alchemy?
Do your daily transmutes every day! It simple and easy and it gives you 1.5k+ gold every day (depends on transmutation master proc).
Another great money maker is Flasks. Flask of the endless rage and the Flask of the frost wyrm. A stack of these flask sells in ah for 8-9k gold depend on the market( I usually sell those for 9k per stack).
Pygmy oil will also get u nice amount of money. To make this you need to get pygmy suckerfish, which sometimes u can find in ah for a very nice price like 100 gold per stack, and fo one stack of pygmy suckerfish you can get around 30 or more pygmy oil. Pygmy oil sells in ah for 500 gold stack sometimes even more! That’s a nice profit for around 10 mins of work.
Transmute meta. These transmute don’t have a cooldown so you can make a dozen of this per day. Skyflare diamond and Earthsiege diamond. If you have mining alt you can mine eternal air, eternal fire, bloodstone or chalcedony which you need for this transmute. If you don’t have mining alt ill show you later where is the best place for farming eternal. Skyflare diamonds sells in ah for around 500 gold and

Eartsiege for 700-800 for an awesome profit.
Transmute Saronite bars. Transmute 8 Saronite bars into one (depends on trans master proc)titanium bar. Today I made around 50 titanium bars and sold them in ah for like 12k gold. For this, you will need lot of farming because for 50 titanium bars u need like 200+ Saronite bars 🙂 But its a great money maker.
Primal might. This one sells in ah for around 1.3k gold and doesn’t have the cd. U can easily get the mats for this for about 30 min of farming. U need one primal mana, water, fire, earth, and air(U can check on wowhead where u can farm them).

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