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SkySaga Cosplay from Beauty

SkySaga is developed Radiant Worlds in Korean. Each player has their own island that will be their home in the world of SkySaga. Players may also purchase extra islands to build on. Players can travel to different realms to complete quests, collect resources, explore and fight enemies through the Megalith on their home island.

Today we introduction you this beautiful cosplay from SkySaga at G-STAR game exhibition. This girl is beautiful and the game is lovely. Although the Screen of the game is simply and full of colorful box. This cute cosplay, I hope you like it.

cosalbum-SkySaga-Cosplay-from-Beauty-960x1440-2 cosalbum-SkySaga-Cosplay-from-Beauty-960x1440-3 cosalbum-SkySaga-Cosplay-from-Beauty-960x1440-4 cosalbum-SkySaga-Cosplay-from-Beauty-960x1440-5 cosalbum-SkySaga-Cosplay-from-Beauty-960x1440-6 cosalbum-SkySaga-Cosplay-from-Beauty-960x1440-7 cosalbum-SkySaga-Cosplay-from-Beauty-962x1440-1

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